Where did they go?

Old school manners,  where did they go? They seem to have drifted away on a passing breeze. Or gotten locked up somewhere in time. It seems such a horrible loss.  Manners meant so much when I was growing up.  It was a sign of respect and as a child I would love when an elder complimented me on my manners.  It filled me with such pride and has never left my memory. Manners is was one the greatest life lessons a young person or adult could ever achieve in learning. Manners are quite easy to learn, its all about respect for yourself and others around you no matter their age. Its about how you address strangers and friends you see daily.  Im proud to say I haven’t forgotten nor thrown my manners to the side although I don’t see it nearly enough in my older years but when I do it makes the news because it seems like a dieing trend that once was.  How sad isn’t it? I say this is one”trend” that needs to make a huge comeback. Wouldn’t you agree?


Have a wonderful day everyone and safe travels:)


No More Royalties!

Good Morning Lovelies. I have a request to make.  Any and All musicians who have any history of sexual abuse of any kind should have their songs removed from public radio and satellite radio. They don’t deserve the Royalties… their victims do.  Stop this nonsense of playing these sickos music. I find it as should anyone else, very disturbing.


Slow down..

Your body and mind can only do so much.  You run and run all day long,  trying to beat the clock or make appointments. By the end of the day you feel run down and simply exhausted. But, you still have so much to do and yet your mind and body are ready for the next move you make.   Just don’t forget to pay respect to your mind and body during your busy day..slow down. Enlighten your mind with food for thought which in turn will also feed your body. Have a great day everyone:)

A funny thought:)

Good Morning Lovelies .. and HAPPY HUMP DAY! I was listening to Bernie Sanders talk and Christopher Lloyd popped into my head.. they sound so alike.. not even kidding! I’m still giggling about it.. Look them up and compare. See if you don’t agree with me..I dare ya..LOL!

Hope Everyone has a great day.. safe travels:)

The”Get Out of Jail Free Card” mistake.

Yep,  I did it.. the Epic mistake of my life yet.  I forgot.. hold for it…. forgot my Husband’s Birthday!! Not only did I forget his Birthday..I asked him to make his own Birthday dinner. Yeah…I totally suck.. no amount of crow pie will make up for my forgetting such an important date. So that’s where the “Get Out of Jail Free” card came from. I handed to a my smiling husband on a silver platter. EPIC!

Hubby time!

I cannot put into words how much I treasure the time I spend with the most amazing man I’ve ever met.  He’s my best friend in so many ways. He walks beside me in every journey I want to take. I tell him my dreams and aspirations and he does whatever he can to help me make them a success.  When I doubt myself he shows me how he sees me and tells me he’s my biggest fan. I cherish the time we share together everyday. Yes,  I’m a very lucky lady:)